Why Choose Accu-Fast Appraisals?

Accurate Appraisals - At Accu-Fast Appraisals we have a “Zero Stipulation” goal. We make every effort possible to ensure that the appraisal we send you is complete and technically accurate with all unusual conditions explained.

Fast Turnaround Times – Our investment in technology and our “Team” approach to the appraisal process allows us to offer one of the fastest turnaround times in the appraisal industry. Most appraisals are returned within 48 hours of inspection.

Cutting Edge Technology – At Accu-Fast Appraisals we use the WinTotal Aurora software package, the most comprehensive appraisal software in the industry. This technology enables you, the client, to order an appraisal from our website and monitor the progress at your own leisure.

Team Approach to Appraisals – When you order an appraisal from Accu-Fast Appraisals our “Team” takes over. The borrower is called within 24 hours and most within several hours. When an appointment is scheduled, you receive a confirmation with the date and time of the inspection. Pertinent data, such as taxes, flood map information and zoning are pulled in preparation for the inspection. This approach enables the appraiser to maximize his time in the field doing inspections and in the office completing appraisals.

Exceptional Customer Service – Accu-Fast Appraisals is with you at every step of the appraisal process. We will gladly answer all questions you may have before you order an appraisal. We also keep you informed at every step in the appraisal process. Our company goal is to have zero stipulations from underwriters, but, in the event there are issues that need to be addressed after the appraisal is submitted, we respond as soon as possible. We have the technology available that allows us to make minor changes to the appraisal and send them to you from the field, if necessary.

FHA Approved Appraisals – We offer appraisals for FHA financing.

Absolute Professionalism – At Accu-Fast Appraisals, when we are in contact with your borrower, we are not only representing ourselves and our company, but you and your company. We honor your trust in us by always conducting ourselves in a professional manner.